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“The Maid” by Nita Prose is a mystery thriller novel published in 2022 that gained widespread popularity. As it won several awards like the Goodreads Choice Award in Mystery/Thriller category, it gained much attention from readers globally. In this blog post, we will analyze various reviews of the book posted on Goodreads to understand what readers thought about the different aspects of this intriguing story.

Positives about “The Maid”

Unique and Charming Protagonist Molly Gray

Many reviewers praised the protagonist Molly Gray for being one of the most unique and delightful characters they have come across. As she works as a maid and narrates the story, readers got to know her intricate worldview and get a glimpse into the life of someone quite different from the mainstream. Her passion for cleaning and orderliness along with her quirks made her extremely charming for readers. Some highlighted how she will not be forgotten for a long time.

Enjoyable Mystery Plot

Though simple, most reviewers found the murder mystery plot involving the death of a rich hotel guest interesting and enjoyably forward moving. While it doesn’t offer anything extraordinarily new, it served well to drive the story ahead keeping readers engaged throughout the short book.

Relatable Themes and Commentary on Society

Some appreciated how the story touched upon thought-provoking themes like difference, invisibility, identity and voice. It also made insightful commentary on how society treats people who are ‘different’ than the perceived norm. Molly’s daily struggles resonated with many readers on a deeper level.

Well-Crafted Narration and Writing

Many complimented Nita Prose’s gripping writing style that narrated the whole story from Molly’s unique perspective. Readers felt the author learned the art of storytelling well, helping readers connect and root for the protagonist from the start. The clear yet dynamic prose maintained readers’ interest throughout.

Negatives about “The Maid”

Inconsistent Portrayal of Molly Gray

While most readers connected with Molly, some found issues with the inconsistent portrayal of her neurodivergency. She alternated between being completely clueless about social cues one moment to showing high behavioral analysis skills later as plot demanded. This made her character unbelievable for some.

Caricatured Representation of Marginalized Groups

A few pointed out the potentially offensive stereotypical depictions of the ethnic minority and undocumented immigrant characters. They were shown as one-dimensional and used more as props than fully developed people. This raised questions about cultural insensitivity.

Simple and Predictable Plot

Some complained the actual mystery plot was too simplistic and straightforward, lacking any significant complexities or twists. The revelations felt obvious and failed to surprise readers. The way the so-called ‘twists’ were thrown in just for shock value also didn’t make logical sense according to a few reviews.

Boring and Tedious Narrative

While most readers enjoyed Molly’s narration, a few found it testingly tedious and boring to sit through long descriptive passages. They couldn’t continue reading more than a dozen pages at a time due to lack of engaging storyline progression or events to maintain suspense.

Problematic Thematic Elements

A reviewer objected to some unnecessary side plots added like the depicted assisted suicide that was out of sync with the characters and tone of the story. This hampered enjoying an otherwise cute cozy mystery read for them.


To summarize, while “The Maid” gained widespread popularity for introducing readers to the unique protagonist Molly Gray, the reviews show it was far from a flawless work. The inconsistent representation of the neurodivergent lead and potentially culturally insensitive depictions of minorities drew serious criticism. The simplistic and predictable plotline also failed to thrill some readers.

However, many readers still greatly enjoyed getting to know Molly and found the relating themes thought-provoking. The writing was praised for its enjoyable narration keeping most engaged throughout. So it seems the book succeeded more so in its character study and social commentary aspects rather than an intricately plotted mystery thriller.

Overall, it worked better for some readers looking for a light cozy mystery read than those expecting complex literary works. And though not without issues, it remains a significant debut work for bringing neurodivergence and social invisibility into mainstream conversations through the lovable character of Molly Gray. With room for improvements, the author Nita Prose shows promising skills and her future works will be interesting to watch out for.

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