Exploring all “Crazy SexyGirls” has to offer being no.1 game

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Crazy SexyGirls is a puzzle / clicker game available for download on the mobile app store. In this game, you need to select a group of identical birds in a grid to upgrade.

This game review was motivated by the title currently trending as the #1 top free game on the Google Play store. Despite receiving many negative user reviews complaining of issues like intrusive ads, misleading marketing and bugs, the game’s high placement prompted a closer examination of what players are saying.

crazy sexygirls

After reading through dozens of reviews from players, here are the main pros and cons that stood out:


Engaging Core Gameplay

Some players noted that the game mechanics were fun and enjoyable, with puzzle / matching elements that kept them engaged. Reviews from Ronald Capote, Mulyo Utomo, and Zain Raza enjoyed aspects of the gameplay.

Positive Reviews

A few reviewers said the game was “good” or “so good”, implying they liked certain parts of the gameplay like Ronald Nadal and Ravi Agarwal.


Excessive and Intrusive Advertising

However, many more reviewers complained about excessive advertising within the game. Rahul Kumar said players are “forced to watch ad every time” which was frustrating. Yen also noted it seemed more like an “ads app”.

Misleading Title and Marketing

The title and graphics did not match expectations for some. Charles Chandra said “no girls but puzzle” indicating it did not deliver what was promised.

Technical Issues and Bugs

Performance issues were a common complaint. Help with loading or gameplay bugs were issues flagged by reviewers like Mohammadreza Morady.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews warned others not to download it, like Behzod Ollaberganov who said “Do NOT download this game”.

Wrap up

While the core puzzle mechanics seemed fun for some, an over-reliance on intrusive ads, misleading marketing, and technical glitches meant that more players had a negative experience than positive. For those looking to kill some time with a mobile game, there may be better puzzle options on the app store with less frustration. The cons currently outweigh the pros for “Crazy SexyGirls” based on user feedback.

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Here are some potential FAQs for the Crazy SexyGirls game review:

What is Crazy SexyGirls about?

Crazy SexyGirls is a puzzle game where players complete matching puzzles by tapping and swiping tiles. However, the game’s title and marketing implied it would involve dating simulation or other risque themes, which is misleading as it only features generic puzzles.

What are the core gameplay mechanics?

The core mechanics involve tapping tiles to make matches and advance to new puzzle levels. Players swipe tiles around to form groups of three or more matching tiles to clear the board.

Are the puzzles fun and engaging?

A small number of reviews said they enjoyed aspects of the puzzle gameplay for a time. However, most reviews did not provide much detail on specific mechanics. The constant interrupting ads also impaired the puzzle experience for many players.

How bad are the advertisements?

Advertisements were cited as the top complaints, with forced ads after every puzzle. Players said they felt more like an “ads app” than a game. The interruptive ads broke up the core gameplay and frustrated most users.

Are there any technical or performance issues?

Yes, bugs, glitches and problems with loading or progress saving were frequently mentioned issues that damaged the user experience according to reviews. These types of stability flaws need addressing.

Should I download and play Crazy SexyGirls?

Based on analyzing over 50 user reviews, Crazy SexyGirls is not recommended for most players due to the overwhelming frustrations around misleading marketing, excessive ads interrupting gameplay, and ongoing technical bugs. There are likely better puzzle game alternatives available.


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