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google ads masterclass

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is one of the most popular and effective paid marketing platforms used by businesses worldwide. With its wide reach and targeted advertising options, Google Ads can help drive tremendous online traffic and sales for e-commerce businesses as well as local service providers.

In this blog post, we will take a comprehensive look at the “Google Ads Masterclass” course offered on Udemy to understand what it has to offer students at different experience levels as well as highlight some of the key pros and cons based on reviews from past students.

Course Overview

As the name suggests, the “Google Ads Masterclass” course claims to take students from absolute beginner level to an advanced level of proficiency with Google Ads.

Some of the key topics and skills covered in the course as per the course content include:

  • Learning the fundamentals of Google Ads from setting up an account to navigating the interface
  • Creating different ad formats like Search Ads, Display Ads and YouTube Ads
  • Setting up customized bidding and budgeting strategies
  • Performing keyword research and audience targeting
  • Utilizing advanced features like Ad Extensions, Remarketing etc.
  • Understanding metrics and reporting for optimization
  • Case studies on managing real Google Ads accounts

Through over 11 hours of video lessons and tutorials, the course aims to provide students with a comprehensive and step-by-step learning path to master all aspects of running successful Google Ads campaigns.

Pros of taking Google Ads Masterclass Course

Based on the reviews, here are some of the key benefits and pros of taking this Google Ads Masterclass course:

Foundational Knowledge

Many beginner level students found the course helpful in learning Google Ads fundamentals like setting up the interface, different ad formats, campaign types etc. The step-by-step tutorials were easy to follow.

Detailed Explanations

The walkthroughs and examples given by the instructors helped improve understanding of concepts. Real-life case studies on managing ad accounts provided valuable insights.

Certification Eligible

Completing the assignments and quiz makes students eligible for a course completion certificate, which can be added to their resume or profile.

Applicable Skills

The skills learned can be directly implemented for managing Google Ads campaigns, both for personal projects and client work. Some reviewers mentioned boosting their businesses using skills from the course.

Updated Regularly

The course content and tutorials are updated regularly to keep up with changes in the Google Ads platform and interface.

Cons of taking Google Ads Masterclass Course

However, a few cons and limitations were also highlighted based on customer reviews:

Too Basic for Experienced Users

While good for complete beginners, many found the course too basic and repetitive if they had prior Google Ads experience. Key topics were just glossed over.

Outdated Content

Despite regular updates, some videos and sections contained outdated information not aligning with the current Google Ads interface, which created confusion.

No Advanced Strategies

Advanced strategies around keyword research, bid management, campaign optimization etc. are not covered in sufficient detail. The “Masterclass” title is considered misleading.

Disorganized Lessons

A few reviewers mentioned the lessons lacked an organized, concise flow and spent too much time on elementary topics.

Inconsistent Instructors

While some instructors were good, others were called out for lacking expertise, providing wrong information at times or being difficult to understand.

Lacks Practical Projects

Critical components like assignments, quizzes or hands-on final projects are missing, which reduces the ability to apply learnings.

Repetitive Information

Too many videos tend to repeat the same basic information, making the course longer than required.

So in summary, though the course is suitable for complete beginners to gain initial Google Ads skills, it fails to live up to the “Masterclass” title by not imparting sufficiently advanced strategies. The inconsistent content quality and organization are other weaknesses.

Should You Take This Course?

Based on the pros and cons highlighted above, here are a few factors to consider before enrolling in this Google Ads Masterclass course:

  • Beginner Level – If you are new to Google Ads, this course provides a solid foundation through step-by-step tutorials.
  • Brush Up Basics – Professionals wanting a refresher of basic concepts may benefit despite repetition.
  • Limited Budget – At around $55, it’s one of the most affordable options. But advanced knowledge is limited.
  • Only Platform – If Google Ads is the one paid marketing platform you need to learn, this covers the fundamentals well.
  • Experienced Users – Those with intermediate-level Google Ads skills may find it too basic and may want to explore more advanced options.
  • Not Standalone – For best results, pair this with hands-on practice, skill projects, and certification coursework from Google partner programs.
  • Regular Updates Needed – Be aware that some content may become outdated quickly as the platform evolves.

So in summary, while the Google Ads Masterclass course provides value for complete beginners or those looking for an introductory overview at a low price point, it fails to deliver truly advanced expertise as promised. More experienced marketers have reported that their time could have been better spent on alternative training programs.

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