Kowloon Restaurant Review: Iconic or Overrated?

kowloon restaurant

Kowloon Restaurant is a Boston area institution that has been serving Chinese and Asian cuisine for over 70 years. Located along Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts, it is renowned for its retro interior decor and larger than life atmosphere. However, more recently some have questioned whether the iconic status still holds up given concerns about declining food quality. Let’s take a closer look at what customer reviews on Google say about the pros and cons of dining at Kowloon Restaurant.

The pros that will draw you in

Unique Décor and Atmosphere

Many reviewers mentioned enjoying the unique decor and atmosphere of Kowloon restaurant. Comments described it as “campy”, having a “vibe great but the food is a little bland”, and that even if the food wasn’t the best, people still come for the “atmosphere and the drinks.” The retro interior seems to transport people back in time and provide nostalgia.

Fast Service

A common praise was about how quickly the food and drinks are served at Kowloon. Multiple reviewers noted being impressed by how fast their entire order came out.

Large Portions

Many said the food portions at Kowloon are generous. Even if the quality isn’t the highest, people feel they get good value for the money since large quantities of food are provided.

The cons to be aware of

Questionable Food Quality

While some said certain dishes like the crab rangoons or ribs were good, numerous reviews criticized the overall food quality. Complaints included the food being “bland”, “tasteless”, “dry”, “greasy”, or “like it was fried in old oil.” Several mentioned dishes seeming reheated or like the quality had deteriorated over time.

Issues with Cleanliness

A few reviewers flagged cleanliness as an area of concern. One mentioned seeing a cook enter the bathroom without washing hands. Others said it “smells old inside” and didn’t seem very clean.

Service Not Always Good

While many praised the speedy service, some reviews counter that the service was only “okay” or the waiter seemed rushed or lacking in personality. A few also noted issues like not being able to get recommendations from staff.

In conclusion, it seems Kowloon succeeds more in atmosphere and nostalgia than food quality based on these reviews. The iconic status and loyalty of patrons keeps it popular, but declining food standards were a recurring criticism. It remains a polarizing restaurant that some find overrated despite the nostalgia factor.

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