Naru Korean Restaurant: An Authentic Korean Dining Experience

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Naru Korean Restaurant is a popular Korean BBQ and dining spot located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Based on over 100 reviews on Google, it is confirmed that Naru provides authentic Korean cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment. Both lunch and dinner are served daily where patrons can choose to either order off the menu or enjoy the interactive grilling experience.

The pros that will draw you in

Delicious Food: Nearly all the reviews praise the authentic and flavorful Korean dishes served at Naru. Customer favorites include Bulgogi, soups, seafood pancakes and more. The unlimited BBQ option is excellent value.

Attentive Service: The staff is repeatedly described as friendly, helpful and attentive to customers’ needs. They are quick to refill side dishes and offer recommendations.

Great Atmosphere: The restaurant transports you to Korea with its ambiance, decor and K-pop music. Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are clean and comfortable. Some enjoy the social dining experience of grilling their own meat at the table.

Value for Money: While the unlimited BBQ is slightly pricey, most dishes offer large portions at reasonable prices. Customers feel very satisfied after their meals here. Discounts are occasionally available through coupon sites.

One of the Positive Reviews

We had the all you can eat Korean BBQ at a table grill. Our waiter was very helpful and the food was great! I recommend the Bulgogi and spicy pork, and the brisket was excellent too. The portions come to the table uncooked, sliced, and ready to cook. The portions are quite large and the restaurant has a policy that you must eat most of the meat before you can order more. For our second round of meat, the waiter suggested a half order which worked out perfectly. The kimchi was excellent also. They brought several different types and often more of our favorites when we ran out. I do recommend Naru Korean BBQ and I plan to dine there again.

Tonya Jennings

The cons to be aware of

Wait Times: During peak hours, there can be long waits for a table as the place gets busy. Some had to wait over an hour to be seated.

Inconsistent Quality: A few reviewers mentioned that the quality and portions seemed to have declined with price increases over time. A small minority had disappointing experiences.

Limited Menu Variety: For the unlimited BBQ option, the menu lacks diversity and some basic items like Galbi beef. Side dishes could be larger in some cases.

One of the Negative Reviews

Went for our first time and kinda disappointed with how long we had to wait for our meals/drinks even after pressing call button multiple times. We didn’t do the grill only off the menu. Food was good when it did come (at separate times) but we did not plan to stay there for almost 2 hours. Will probably check out another local Korean restaurant to compare as I love this type of cuisine.

brianna pennington


Overall, Naru Korean Restaurant receives overwhelmingly positive feedback for its authentic flavors, welcoming staff and lively atmosphere. While it may not be the best value during high traffic periods, most foodies consider it one of the top choices for Korean cuisine in the Clarksville area. With generally high ratings across reviews, it makes for a memorable dining experience and is highly recommended by both locals and visitors alike.

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