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Pinchin Crab is a popular seafood restaurant located in Baytown, Texas. It offers a variety of seafood dishes like boiled crawfish, shrimp, crab legs, gumbo and more. In this blog post, we will be providing summary of Pinchin Crab reviews based on over 100 customer reviews shared on Google.

The Pros the will draw you in

  • Fresh and Flavorful Food: Majority of the customers praised the freshness and flavor of the seafood dishes at Pinchin Crab. The seasoning and sauce were particularly liked.
  • Great Service: The front-end staff was appreciated for their warm welcome and attentiveness towards customers. Orders were served fast and accurately.
  • Kid Friendly Environment: Families found the restaurant very kid friendly with its TVs playing and comfortable vibe.
  • Affordable Pricing: The food portions were huge for the prices charged. Pricing was found to be reasonable for the quality of food served.
  • Spacious and Clean Restaurant: Customers liked the spacious interiors of Pinchin Crab which were well maintained and cleaned. Some even appreciated the aesthetic lighting decor.
  • Family Friendly Environment: TVs playing in the background and loud music helped create a lively yet comfortable ambience for families and friends.

One of the positive reviews of Pinchin Crab

I’ll be the first to admit. It looks dinky on the outside, but inside is beautiful. The service was awesome, and the food was great. We went for my birthday and they took a last-minute table of 8. Everyone who helped us was kind, and they were all in with the celebration as much as my party was! They played the birthday song over the P.A. They brought a sign for me to take pics with. They brought me free beignets and had a VERY talented young singer come and serenade me before we left. They truly turned a day that began frustrating into a wonderful birthday!

Kisa’s Song

The Cons to be aware of

  • Limited Menu Options: A few reviews pointed out that the menu lacked variety and options to choose from.
  • Inconsistent Quality: Some customers felt that food or spice levels were not consistently up to the mark especially towards the end of seasons.
  • Could improve Service: A minority of reviews mentioned the need for better follow-ups from staff on food quality or additional service aspects like refills.

One of the negative reviews of Pinchin Crab

We ordered crab legs, shrimp and 6# crawfish to-go. While waiting for the food to be bagged, the staff was all nice and welcoming.. but unfortunately the food was a let down, which was a bummer because there were some great reviews.
The crab and shrimp were good, but the crawfish all had to be trashed.
None of the crawfish would peel and the couple nibbles we got (that had to be bitten from the shell) tasted like diesel fuel 😖😖

Amanda Berrent


Overall, Pinchin Crab seems to be a popular choice for fresh seafood in the Baytown area going by most of the positive reviews. With affordably priced huge portions, it makes for a great family dining option. While the restaurant could work on expanding its menu variety and maintaining consistent food quality, most customers were highly satisfied with their experience at Pinchin Crab. It would be a recommended place to try for seafood lovers visiting Baytown, Texas.

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