Slice into Success: A Dragon Pizza Reviews Summary 2023

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Dragon Pizza is a local pizza joint located in Davis Square, Somerville serving wood fired pizzas with unique and innovative toppings.

In September 2023, Portnoy reviewed Dragon Pizza on his YouTube show, “One Bite Pizza Reviews,” giving it a low rating of 6.4 and dubbing it “the worst pizza place in America.” This led to a confrontation between Charlie Redd, the owner of Dragon Pizza, and Portnoy outside the restaurant, resulting in a heated argument.

The confrontation video quickly went viral, drawing significant attention to Dragon Pizza. The public response has been divided, with some people supporting Redd for standing up to Portnoy, while others defend Portnoy’s right to express his opinion. Portnoy has continued to criticize Dragon Pizza, while Redd has consistently defended his establishment.

We analyzed the web for Dragon Pizza and after reading through over 120 reviews on Dragon Pizza from local guides and customers, it is evident that the pizza is considered one of the best in the area. Let’s take a look at what customers loved about Dragon Pizza along with some critiques in this blog post.

The Pros that will draw you in

Creative and Unique Toppings

Many reviews praised Dragon Pizza for their unique and creative topping combinations on pizzas like Maple Bacon Cheddar, Ben’s Shrooms, Savory and Spicy etc. Customers appreciated trying out new flavor combinations at the restaurant.

Fresh Ingredients 

It is evident from reviews that Dragon Pizza uses high quality and fresh ingredients in their pizzas. The mozzarella cheese, sauce and toppings like pepperoni received appreciation from customers.

Thin and Crispy Crust

Multiple reviewers mentioned the thin and crispy crust baked to perfection. Some compared it to authentic New York style pizza crust. The crust was enjoyed by many whether reheated or fresh.

Friendly Staff and Atmosphere

A number of reviews highlighted the welcoming staff and chill vibes at Dragon Pizza. Music playing and decor contributed to the enjoyable atmosphere. Customers enjoyed hanging out and eating pizzas at the joint.

House-made Gelato

In addition to great pizzas, the house-made gelato in various flavors is a big hit with customers. Gelato was considered the best in the area by some.

One of the positive reviews

Is this the best pizza in the Boston metro area? It just might be. It’s easily the best place for slices with a thin and very tasty crust. Creative toppings are the name of the game at Dragon Pizza, and the Maple Bacon is highly recommended.

Brian Ferdman

The Cons to be aware of

Delivery Issues

A few customers complained about facing delays or order mess ups while opting for delivery from Dragon Pizza. One review mentioned waiting over 2 hours for delivery.

Inconsistent Quality

A couple reviews pointed out that the quality of pizzas variedsometimes with crust being overcooked, toppings not spread evenly or orders going wrong.

Higher Pricing

Some felt that while the food quality was good, the pricing was on the higher side for pizzas and slices in the Boston area.

One of the negative reviews

I don’t understand what all the hype was about. Saw this place on phatom gourmet and decided to try out a slice. I got the maple bacon slice. It was luke warm, dry. The shop had only been open for a couple of hours. I spent $4.50 on one slice and it was unimpressive and not worth it in my opinion.

Jc C


Overall, it is evident that Dragon Pizza has won hearts of many locals through their unique and tasty pizzas backed by fresh quality ingredients and friendly service. While some critiques around delivery and pricing exist, most reviews recommended giving this Davis Square joint a try for innovative pizza flavors in a fun environment. With over 4.5 average rating on Google, it seems Dragon Pizza has surely carved a niche as a neighborhood gem through consistently delicious wood fired pizzas.

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