Wingstop Restaurant Review – What Customers are Saying?

wingstop restaurant


Wingstop is a popular American restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings and tenders. It is one of the largest wing restaurant chains in the US with over 1,400 locations across the country. In this post, we analyze customer reviews on Wingstop to understand their pros and cons.

Pros that will draw you in

Tasty and Flavorful Wings

Many customers praised Wingstop for their tasty and flavorful chicken wings. They have a variety of sauce flavors that customers enjoy. The sauces are noted to be spicy but not overwhelmingly hot. The hickory smoked flavor is a customer favorite. Overall, the freshness and quality of wings is appreciated.

Good for Takeout and Delivery

Wingstop is seen as a great option for takeout and delivery. Their wings reheat and travel well according to customers. The packaging keeps wings crispy. Many noted it is very convenient to order online or through apps and have the food delivered hot and ready to eat.

Great Customer Service

Most reviews mention friendly and efficient staff. Employees are found to be polite, respond quickly to queries and ensure orders are correct. The restaurants provide a pleasant atmosphere as well. Overall, high marks are given for customer service.

Cons to be aware of

Limited Side Options

While wings are the specialty, some point out the lack of side options at Wingstop. Regular menu mainly includes wings, tenders, fries and drinks. This makes the options less diverse than other chain restaurants. Signature sides like cheeses sticks are only available occasionally.

Quality Control Issues

A few customers complained about inconsistent quality and flaws like undercooked or overly saucy wings. A small percentage also faced issues like broken bones, lack of sauce flavor etc. Although rare, such problems cause dissatisfaction. Proper quality checks could help resolve the complaints.


Overall, Wingstop receives positive reviews for their tasty chicken wings available in different sauces. Customers appreciate the convenience of takeout and delivery. Friendly service further boosts the dining experience. However, there is scope for Wingstop to expand their side offerings and tighten quality controls to provide an even better customer experience. Their signature wings will keep the fans happy as long as basic quality standards are met.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for my order to be ready?

A: Pickup times can vary depending on how busy the restaurant is. Some reviews mentioned waits of 30 minutes or more past the estimated pickup time. It’s recommended to call ahead or place mobile orders to check status if you need your order within a certain time frame.

Q: Will my online order be accurate?

A: Several reviews mentioned their online or delivery orders being incorrect. It’s recommended to double check your order before leaving the restaurant to make sure everything is included and correct. Missing or incorrect items don’t always get fully refunded.

Q: Is the food fresh and hot?

A: Some reviews mentioned their food being cold, old, or not cooked properly. This seemed to vary location to location. If eating in, check your order promptly. For takeout, don’t travel too far before consumption to ensure quality.

Q: Is this location clean?

A: Cleanliness appears to be inconsistent based on reviews. Some patrons mentioned seeing dirt, spills, and poor hygiene. This may depend on specific employees and times of day. Consider calling ahead or visiting at less busy periods.


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